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sic! Elephanthouse

The independent art space sic! Elephanthouse offers regional and international artists the opportunity to realise new projects, provides time and space for experimentation as well as discussion. We show work by artists who we find to be relevant to contemporary discourse and are committed to educating our audience about them. We are interested in social and political issues and are convinced, that art is an adequate means of reflecting on these while activating the force of inspiration.

sic! Raum für Kunst
Project space, Lucerne, since 2013
Co-directed by Laura Breitschmid and Eva-Maria Knüsel

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The metaphor of the perforated house symbolises the dissolving separation between exterior and interior, private and public, and analogue and digital life brought about by new forms of communication and mobility. This contemporary homelessness is touched upon in many ways in the works oft he artists; whether in the ephemerality of the media and materials used, the atmospheric presentation or in addressing topics such as hospitality, patterns of migration and the global consumption of resources.

Group show, Kunsthaus Langenthal
With Anja Braun, Daniel Dressel, Leo Hofmann, Daniel V. Keller, Lynne Kouassi and Rebecca Kunz
Curated by Eva-Maria Knüsel

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(Curatorial work)

Up #1

This sculptural expansion was developed for the small art space sic! Elephanthouse in Lucerne, a small concrete shed located in a lively neighborhood by the railroad tracks. Rising skyward from the exterior facade, the white wooden structure appears to be sprouting from the small gray building like a geometrically reduced construct. The installation is visible from afar, contrasts in its whiteness with the surroundings and changes its aspect depending on the perspective of the viewer from towerlike to signlike. The installation was conceived for a duration of 4 years.

Lang/Baumann, «UP #1»
Intervention, sic! Raum für Kunst, Lucerne
Curated by Laura Breitschmid, Eva-Maria Knüsel and Nadine Wietlisbach