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Traces in Sight

The human body is the central theme and tool in Lotta Gadola‘ s artistic work. The interest is focused on the discussions about, around and with the body, in connection with social and identity-creating topics. From the body‘s own hair, through the contact lens to the smartphone — the body and its physical prostheses and mental extensions are often the subject of the investigation. In the image-search the artist draws on precise observations of everyday life.

The publication of the “Junge Kunst Stadt Luzern” series focuses on the youngest groups of work, consisting of performance, video works and photographic series. In order to translate the cinematic of the artistic creation into book form, individual video sequences are prepared as flipbooks and enable different speeds of reading of the contributions, which are contextualized by an art-historical and media-theoretical text.

Lotta Gadola – Traces in Sight
Text Contributions: Doris Gassert, Claire Hoffmann, Eva-Maria Knüsel
Graphic Design: Megi Zumstein, Luzern
Editor: Stadt Luzern, Kunsthalle Luzern
Verlag für Moderne Kunst, Wien

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(Editorial Work)


Lack is a magazine pairing each issue with an art institution and one of their exhibitions. Its 10th issue titled «off-color» is published at the occasion of the exhibition of Color at Helmhaus Zurich. The additional «f» in the title is meant to signal a slight but conscious divergence between the nature of this magazine and the approach of the exhibition and the institution that presents it. «off-color» thus investigates the limits of colored representation or representation through and with color – by an array of contributions by writers and artists from various perspectives.

Lack #10: off-color
Contributions by White on White, Ariane Koch & Sarina Scheidegger, Ian Whittlesea, Simon Vagts, Susanne Stauss, Simon Rothöhler, Bassma El Adisey & Daniel Morgenthaler, DeForrest Brown Jr., Lea Loeb and Mathis Neuhaus.
Editorial team: Remo Bitzi, Laura Breitschmid, Eva-Maria Knüsel and Marc Schwegler
Graphic Design: meierkolb – André Meier & Franziska Kolb
Published by Präsens Editionen, sic! Raum für Kunst and Helmhaus Zurich

Language: English/German
Edition: 1200
Pages: 112
Size: 220 x 310 mm

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This publication documents the solo exhibition «Spots» by Franziska Baumgartner. As a last intervention before the reconstruction, she covered the walls of the exhibition space Klingental, Basel with rice paper. The starchy material combined with the wall paint and began to dissolve during the drying process. At one point the spots burst open, bulging and bending, elsewhere the paint together with the rice paper flaked off in large shreds and fell to the floor, revealing traces of paint, wall drawings and drill holes from earlier exhibitions – allowing an insight into the eventful history of the room.

Spots – Franziska Baumgartner
Text contributions: Eva-Maria Knüsel and Simone Lappert
Graphic Design: Atlas Studio

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The world of birds as a mirror of our environment and as a symbol of the relationship between humans and animals builds the starting point for the artist duo Flurina Badel and Jérémie Sarbach's solo exhibition "Paravent" at sic! Elephanthouse. Using the trompe-l'oeil effect, the artists bring the outside world into the interior and create a thinking space, in which complex relationships between nature and culture open up. The installation was framed by a whistling performance, which the British composer Fred Frith created especially for the exhibition. The show was accompanied by a publication with text contributions and the whistling score.

Paravent – Flurina Badel & Jérémie Sarbach
Contributions: Samuel Camenzind, Fred Frith, Eva-Maria Knüsel
Graphic Design: Badel/Sarbach

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Soucoupes Volantes

In spring 2018, students of option «Construction, Art et Espace» of HEAD – Genève participated in a workshop in Langenthal’s former porcelain factory. They reflected on issues relating to this now abandoned industrial site. Fascinated by the factory’s history and the stories that surround it, the students and their teachers shared their experiences in the form of artistic projects that evoked, through the site’s furniture and materials, the anecdotes and atmosphere of this unique part of the Swiss industrial heritage.

Editorial team: Magdalena Gerber, Katharina Hohmann, Benoît Renaudin
Text contributions by Magdalena Gerber, Katharina Hohmann, Eva-Maria Knüsel
Graphic design: Magdalena Gerber, Benoît Renaudin
Published by HEAD – Genève
In cooperation with Kunsthaus Langenthal

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"Poncho" is published on the occasion of Sara Gassmann's exhibition at sic! Elephanthouse and documents the ceramic work series "Domestic Stare". Sara Gassmann is searching for a form that functions as a body as well as a three-dimensional image and understands her involvement with ceramics as a further development of her painting practice.

Poncho – Sara Gassmann
Photos: Raphaëlle Müller
Text: Eva-Maria Knüsel
Graphic Design: meierkolb – André Meier & Franziska Kolb

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